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Name:Charli Perry
Birthdate:Feb 26
Ever known what it felt like to be invisible? Charli did.

In fact, there were times in her life she could have sworn that she actually was. Like something outta X-Men or some shit. She was that kid that sat in the back of the classroom and drew dark 'emo' drawings in her notebook in class and yet always handed the assignments in on time, perfectly done. The one no-one ever noticed until they were literally tripping over her.
It was a trait of her's that went with her everywhere. Like when you have toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Whereever she went, this invisibility was right there with her. She'd even been sat on before. At a bus stop, no less. Can't deny that that was embarrassing.
So there it was. Charlotte Jay Perry was, indeed, invisible.
A rather useful ability, really. Because when the undead came, stumbling through the library where she worked, Charli was able to hide away in a little bathroom in the back and sneak out the window completely undetected.
Of course... outside the bathroom was an entirely different story. But, hey, that one's still being written.

I am in no way affiliated with Malese Jow or the AMC's The Walking Dead. Mun is over the age of 18. Muse is 17. PB is 21. No offense or infringement are intended with this journal. Mun is happy to play out any point in TV show canon and open to verse ideas. Feel free to PM with questions.






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